Comeback Snacks is a proud member of the Fair Chances coalition, a collection of organizations committed to fair chance hiring practices.

Although Comeback Snacks is not currently hiring (we are a very small team!) below are a list of organizations who provide services and job listings for fair chance employment opportunities.

John Howard Society

The John Howard Society assists individuals released from prison in finding employment by providing job training, resume-building workshops, and direct employment placement services. Find JHS’s employment services at your local office.

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Spotwork is a staffing marketplace that is committed to providing second chances to Justice-Involved Individuals and At-Risk Youth. Comeback Snacks has successfully partnered with Spotwork to gain access to government sponsored staffing options for temporary hires.

Second Chances

Goodwill Amity

Goodwill Amity offers comprehensive employment services to help individuals, particularly those facing barriers to employment, find and maintain jobs.

Job Seekers

Canadian Hospitality Academy/Scale Hospitality

Scale Hospitality and CHS develop fair chance careers in hospitality through training programs like micro-credentials, targeting those with employment barriers. Comeback Snacks collaborates with both as a bridge and facilitator for job seekers with the enrollment division.

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